Photo  by Jordan    Kirschner

"Beyond breathtaking-theres no one else even attempting this kind of daring a bracing music"

-LA Weekly


"Brillianty Executed....inhuman amount of energy and dexterity"



"His music subverts everything about popular rock and pop...lavish and rewarding album"

-The Quietus


"A marvelously arty orchestral album that revels in its individuality......

We are talking potential top-10 records of the year here"

-Vancouver Sun


“Hard to slap a label on something that does it’s best (and succeeds) to be inventive and defy all genres”

-Echo and Dust


"this is one of the more vanguard albums of a year with plenty of vanguard releases"

-Avant Music News


“The intensity finds no respite, as vocals chant, the drums pound a weird pulse, and the music continues to explode with consuming beauty”


Alexander Noice