Alexander Noice is a composer, guitarist, producer and bandleader based in Los Angeles. Known for his highly personalized style of composition and playing, best displayed by his ensembles NOICE and Falsetto Teeth, Alexander is a highly sought after musician in the creative music scene in Los Angeles and abroad.

    Noice has performed and toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South America performing with many notable artists such as Charlie Haden, Wadada Leo Smith,Vincent Gallo, Art Ensembles of Chicago‚Äôs Famoudou Don Moye, Vinny Golia, Dorian Wood, and Daniel Rosenboom to name a few.

    Noice first gained attention as a highly accomplished guitarist with an unmistakably strong command and unique voice on the instrument. It didn't take long before he was gaining recognition for his work as a composer displayed in a myriad of configurations and ensembles including string quartets, wind quintets, jazz/improvised ensembles, music for animation and film.

    From 2008-2012 he led the highly revered art rock/punk trio Falsetto Teeth, and in 2016 Noice released his first solo electronic album called "Music Made With Voices"  in which he uses a single note sung by eight different people as the sole source material to create eight elaborate, fragmented, and beautiful sonic portraits that reflect our modern relationships seen through a digitized prism.

    His newest project simply called, NOICE is a Los Angeles-based ensemble that seamlessly melds art rock, electronica, post minimalism, and jazz into a singular, mesmerizing sound. The ensemble is celebrated for their electrifying live performances - acrobatic in its execution and cinematic in scope. NOICE is Alexander's most personal and fully realized project to date, incorporating the diversity of genre, and musical tangents that makes his music so inimitable. Their 2019 debut album was met with critical acclaim by several media outlets nationally and internationally and the ensemble is now setting their sights on a follow up album set to be released in 2023.


Alexander Noice